Market your products to the USA with a US logistics partner

Are you considering extending your customer base to reach the US market? Perhaps you’re already shipping your UK products to the US but are thinking of switching to another fulfilment service? Maybe you’ve just landed your first big order in the States and need a reputable US logistics partner.

Rhode Island-based Coast to Coast Fulfillment, acts as your US logistics partner, with the distribution of UK products to the US market just one of its many services.

With assistance from Coast to Coast Fulfillment, growing UK cosmetics brand, Santhilea London, was able to deliver its first US market export order to CVS, the country’s largest pharmacy chain, with the potential to reach more than 9,600 stores across thSanthilea1e US.

Entrepreneur Santhilea Yung founded this rapidly growing London-based cosmetics business in 2012 and has already enjoyed successful exports of its award-winning mascara and lip care products in over 10 countries including Norway, Holland and Spain.

In order to deliver its first order to the world’s largest consumer market, Santhilea needed a logistics partner with a breadth of knowledge and experience. At Coast to Coast Fulfillment, we manage retail and consumer distribution for a number of UK cosmetics brands in the US, making us the ideal fulfilment service for this type of product.  “CVS is one of the biggest brand opportunities within the US cosmetics sector, so it’s great news that Santhilea has been able to secure them as its first US customer and gain a foothold in the US market,” said Jeff Wyant of Coast to Coast Fulfillment Inc.

“CVS controls approximately 10,000 of the 60,000 pharmacies operating in the US, so securing an initial order as prestigious as this is similar to reaching the finals of Wimbledon on your debut. US consumers have a huge admiration for British style and the quality of UK products, especially retail and cosmetics, so we hope the products continue to be as popular as they are elsewhere in the world” he said.

Coast to Coast Fulfilment was introduced to Santhilea by overseas trade experts UKTI, whilst assisting the business in its preparation and contacts prior to its first US export order.

“It’s always exciting to branch out to new territories, but it does create a lot of new challenges and extensive research. UKTI have been great at assisting with this in many markets,” said Santhilea Yung.

“Exporting to the US is a particular challenge due to its vast geography. Legislative issues differ across the 50 states; packaging and advertising has its own strict federal rules; and often, US retailers use EDI systems with very specific logistics and accounting systems, which is on a very different scale to what we’re used to working with,” she added.

“UKTI introduced us to Coast to Coast Fulfillment to act as our team on the ground. Using their knowledge we were able to set up all the necessary systems required by US retailers, as well as ensuring the products arrived safely in the correct location.”

“It’s still early days, but the US is such a massive potential market for us that by partnering up with Coast to Coast Fulfillment, we are fully equipped to fulfil any retailer or wholesaler. They can also offer us ecommerce logistics and dropship our products directly to our consumers, if we decide in future that this is a viable route to market.” said Ms Yung.

Santhilea London is just one of many UK cosmetics and retail businesses choosing Coast to Coast Fulfillment to enjoy hassle-free UK to US export success.

UK fashion, cosmetics and luxury brands will always have a slight edge on their US rivals, who struggle to replicate the quality and style of UK products,” added Mr Wyant.


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