Us Fulfilment for UK Exporters

UK exporters: US fulfilment offers efficiencies and customer service advantages

An impending Brexit and a weakened pound against the US dollar are just two factors that are seeing UK exporters look at the US market in increasing numbers. With an economy worth more than six times the UK’s, at US$18bn, as well as a 500 per cent bigger population, it’s not hard to see why the potential of the US market is proving such a draw.

However, while doing business in the US should be fairly straightforward for British companies, it pays to be aware of the advantages of using a US fulfilment house to sort out the logistics of making sure your goods reach your stateside customers smoothly, and that good customer communications are maintained throughout the process.

Many exporters may start by shipping from the UK direct to a US consumer but that can be expensive and have big drawbacks and using a US fulfilment company can save money smooth out the logistics.  To have stock held cost effectively in a US warehouse, ready to be shipped in days to B2B and B2C customers, at a fraction of the international shipping rates from the UK, could be the difference between success and failure when exporting to the USA.

Coast to Coast Fulfillment Inc, is based in both Rhode Island on the USA’s east coast and in California, on the west coast. We specialise in working with a range of UK and European exporters.  We provide a comprehensive US presence for our clients that includes receiving their imports, warehousing goods, picking and packing or sorting, despatching orders, white label invoicing and acting as our clients’ American customer services arm.

Using a fulfilment house like Coast to Coast is a particularly smart move for smaller firms that are exporting to the US as it enables you to punch above your weight and provide a seamless and more fluid service to your US clients.  We can even provide a customer service facility, with trained call centre staff right here in the USA to manage returns and order queries, with no worries about the US to UK time difference.

Because your goods are being shipped from the USA, merchandise arrives faster, your customers pay lower shipping, whilst having a US address and contacts working on local time zones generates increased customer trust and more sales.

Case study: Santhilea London

The rapidly growing London-based cosmetics brand, launched in 2012, has recently added the US to the list of over ten countries to which it exports its award winning mascara and lip care products.

In early 2016 Santhilea won an order for the US’s largest pharmacy chain CVS, which has over 9,600 stores across America – an order which was fulfilled by Coast to Coast Fulfillment.

“We were introduced to Coast to Coast Fulfillment to act as our team on the ground in the USA by UKTI, and with their help we have been able to set up all the necessary systems and ensure the product arrived safely where and when it was needed,” said Santhilea London founder, Santhilea Yung. “It is early days in a massive potential market, but we are now equipped to fulfil to any retailer, wholesaler or even direct to consumers via our ecommerce website in the US, if we decide that is a viable route to market.”

If you are considering entering the US market, email us via the form or give us a call to discuss the benefits of working with a US-based fulfilment house to ensure your products are delivered to your customers as smoothly and cost effectively as possible.

Jeff Wyant – founder, Coast to Coast Fulfillment Inc., USA

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