UK skincare business celebrates US export growth with Coast to Coast

For Somersets, Coast to Coast’s services include logging onto Walgreens’ web portal to download labels and send out advance shipping notifications; as well as shipping the product to a variety of wholesales customers across several niches within the health and beauty care industry.

“The wholesale niches are quite distinct in the US market,” explained Mr Wyant. “For example, United Natural Foods distributes natural and organic foods and products, often to stores specialising only in those types of products, while American Sales Company (ASN) mostly distributes health and beauty-care items.”

He added: “Somersets’ products overlap the two niches, but they are separate in terms of how the distribution channels work.  ASN is also the only wholesale buyer for Somersets that uses EDI protocols for its orders, so their data processing needs are very different than for other wholesale buyers.  For Walgreens, we ship to their distribution centres for their bricks and mortar stores, but we also ship to their subsidiary,, which then delivers products directly to their web customers.”

Mr Wyant concluded: “We get a great deal of satisfaction from helping British firms to export to the USA, especially when they need to navigate the complex, variable supply-chain requirements of national retailers.  The market potential here for British firms is huge, and we are seeing increasing enquiries from UK businesses that are ambitious and want to gain a foothold in the US market, just as Somersets has done so successfully,” he added.

Ms Bevens added: “Even with a fantastic product, the key to succeeding in the US is ensuring you have a fulfilment partner with experience of supporting UK businesses through the whole process of shipping to the US.  Coast to Coast are able to fulfil and distribute our products to national retailers at short notice, helping us to realise our growth plans for the business in the USA.”


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