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How to grow UK exports to the US: be your own ‘importer of record’

It might sound daunting but for British businesses planning to export to the US, it’s worth considering taking on the responsibility of ensuring all exported products are legal and properly documented by registering your company as an ‘importer of record’. Becoming your own ‘importer of record’ or ‘IOR’ boosts your long-term chances of success in […]

Market your products to the USA with a US logistics partner

Are you considering extending your customer base to reach the US market? Perhaps you’re already shipping your UK products to the US but are thinking of switching to another fulfilment service? Maybe you’ve just landed your first big order in the States and need a reputable US logistics partner. Rhode Island-based Coast to Coast Fulfillment, acts […]

Expand your US exports with a US fulfilment centre

Since partnering up with Coast to Coast Fulfillment as its US fulfilment centre, Melton Mowbray-based aromatherapy business, Base Formula, has managed to more than double its US exports. Launched in 1996 as a home-based business, Base Formula has since grown to become one of the leading aromatherapy companies in the UK. The company supplies premium […]

UK skincare business celebrates US export growth with Coast to Coast

For Somersets, Coast to Coast’s services include logging onto Walgreens’ web portal to download labels and send out advance shipping notifications; as well as shipping the product to a variety of wholesales customers across several niches within the health and beauty care industry. “The wholesale niches are quite distinct in the US market,” explained Mr […]