USA Warehousing & Distribution Centre


Our purpose-built 80,000 sq ft USA warehouse and distribution centre is strategically located between Boston and New York, and crucially within five US postal zones of over XX{5eb4f6105ff46e87dc174d70de425686998e802d959ad42d19f0aad1577a0325} of the US market.

Labour costs and land in Rhode Island are also well below those in other East Coast states such as New York and New Jersey, ensuring we are able to offer lower storage and handling costs to clients.

This makes our location a highly cost-effective distribution centre with low overheads, and we can store large or small amounts of stock in controlled environments, safe from wide temperature swings and other environmental factors.

Our responsive services mean we can run from a low level of ‘tick over’ orders to a viral web-driven sales boom overnight, whether we are shipping to individual consumers or in bulk to retailers anywhere in the USA.

Let us discuss the options open to your business, and outline your potential fulfilment solutions.

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