About – Our track record as a USA fulfillment company


Our founder, Hermond Ghazarian, was a manufacturer who sold many of his products to retailers and became an expert at US warehousing and distribution by shipping his own products.

In 1984, after ten years perfecting the art of distributing to the most complex and demanding retail network in the world, Hermond decided to concentrate purely on fulfilment services and founded Coast to Coast Fulfillment Inc.

For 30 years, this USA fulfillment company has earned a reputation for expertise in EDI retail distribution, and delivers to every conceivable US retail chain, many on a daily basis.

In 2015, the company has grown to become one of the leading independent fulfilment houses in the USA. The business can grow its 40-strong, full-time workforce by up to 200 per cent within 24 hours to respond to order spikes and seasonal rushes, but has very low overhead levels.

Coast to Coast prides itself on being family owned and managed, with every potential client proposal reviewed by Hermond personally.  Hermond and his directors tour the site every day, inspecting individual packages and bulk orders for quality and accuracy.

The purpose-built facility boasts state of the art sprinkler and security systems, a dedicated inbound call centre for customer service calls and returns, and an in-house post office for the US Postal Service.

Clients have ranged from the John Kerry and Barak Obama presidential campaigns to cosmetics and healthcare manufacturers, clothing, jewellery and household goods, as well as technology products and infomercial and TV retailers.

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